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Chris Smith

Chris is a prolific graphic artist, illustrator and designer. His work includes museum exhibitions and numerous visual identities in the form of textile design, show posters, logos, illustrations and album art for bands.

Upon gaining his undergraduate degree from the prestigious Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, Chris attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (PA) where he graduated with honors in graphic design.

Subsequently, Chris spent eight years as a graphic artist and exhibit designer at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh where his work is still on display. There, he was instrumental in conceiving and mounting popular feature exhibits such as Dinosaurs in their Time and Needle to the North.

In 2009, Chris and several colleagues launched Mitosis Design, a scientific production company specializing in transforming science and natural history dioramas into moments of lived experience through the inclusion of robotics. His association with Mitosis lasted three years. Now, Chris operates out of his own headquarters, Burzum Design Studio (, as well as freelancing with Mob Communications.

Chris is pleased to offer his range of talents to clients through his alliance with Mob Communications.